Everything started with a joke made by my medical doctor: “You know what is common to a smoker and the Müllertal (touristic region in Luxembourg)? Be(e)fort.”

Befort is a small town with a nice castle and a famous liquor made from blackcurrant.

Beefort means “Leg gone” (amputeted).

Inspired by an old postcard saying “Best greetings from the Müllertal” I changed to “Best greetings from smoker valley”. Writing in Sütterlin handwriting.



Some more images (mixed media: cyanotype, stamping, drawing, use of CT) by the same subject.

New fun!


Experimenting with cyanotypes. Recipes from an old book I bought as a secondary schoolboy:

J. M. Eder: Rezepte, Tabellen und Arbeitsvorschriften für Photographie und Reproduktionstechnik, Verlag von Wilhem Knapp, Halle (Saale), 1942, 18.-19. Auflage.

A book full of funny stuff!!


cyano, bleached in NaOH, toned in coffee

image from CT negative

More old techniques: cliché-verre


cyano, bleached in NaOH, toned in coffee

A combined print from CT negative and transparent from positive photo of letterpress metal furniture. Same technique.


Similar, but bleached with Na2CO3:



More, this time cliché-verre and CT: