Herschel, Anna Atkins, Prussian blue – some links

Sir John Frederick Herschel and his invention/discovery of cyanotype:

Mike Ware:  John Herschel’s Cyanotype: Invention or Discovery?

International Photography Hall of Fame: Sir John Frederick William Herschel

Kshitij Nagar: Sir John Herschel: How Photography Got Its Fix

Chemistry and Light: Cyanotype process

Anna Atkins

Encyclopaedia Britannica: Anna Atkins English Photographer and Botanist

Joanna Moorhead: Blooming marvellous: the world’s first female photographer – and her botanical beauties

The Guardian: Blue prints: photography pioneer Anna Atkins’s hand-crafted images – in pictures

see also references in:  Cyanotype – In the footsteps of Anna Atkins

Prussian blue:

Amercan Chemical Society: Molecule of the Week  – Prussian blue

Alexander Kraft: On the Discovery and History of Prussian blue

John Griswold: The Accidental Color That Changed The Course Of Art