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The result first!

The original photo:



Inspired by an article on Peter Freeth in Anthony Dyson, Printmaker’ Secrets, A&C Black Publishers, London, 2009 (an excerpt from the book over here) I got the idea to start not with a monotype as does Peter Freeth, but to do a litho  first, transfer this to the intaglio plate and from there on follow Peter Freeth.

First step transform the colour photograph to a monochrome picture. This picture was laser printed directly on a polyester litho plate. As the edition would be only one print, I tried first to do a paper lithograph, but without any success (crumbling, crumbling and more crumbling), so I changed to polyester plate. But instead of printing it on paper I printed on the zinc plate chosen for the intaglio. The ink still wet the plate was powdered with rosin in a first step, superfluous rosin removed by gentle tapping the back of the plate and than recovered  by an “even” (as far as it is possible for a hand shaken aquatint) layer of rosin in order to step from a negative print with open bytes to a positive without open byte. Followed by an etching in nitric acid (10%) for 5 minutes. The ink used for printing was 1/2 Charbonnel black 55981 1/2 Chabonnel black RSR and the paper Lanaquarelle Watercolor HP 300g/m2.

A first try with many flaws . To be continued. Lot of experimentation possible.

Summery of the steps:


litho plate (flipped)
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