Experimenting: encaustic intaglio

The origin is an older (2009) intaglio plate (Zn). The plate produced was from a photography of a lane in Grevenmacher. The plate had been covered with photopolymer,exposed and etched.
The original print was intaglio and relief (2 versions, no edition).

I got the idea to print an encaustic intaglio using this matrix.  Encaustic monotypes/monoprints are well known:






Intaglio encaustic is some technique which I haven’t seen yet.

The idea was to fill up the grooves with wax and to transfer to paper, the way you do it with normal ink.


By heating the matrix too much the wax liquefies and spreads over the whole plate making it difficult to remove  the surface wax. So heat less in order that the wax becomes soft but not runny. Scrap the surface wax away with a plastic spatula, be careful not to scratch the plate.

A further problem shows up when transferring to the paper. Again too much heat prevents the crisp transfer of the wax. Although I don’t think that it is possible to get the neat lines of an intaglioprint. Heating has been done not on the hotplate but by ironing the back of the paper.

A first result from my experiments:


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